Growing Your Business with Motorcycle Owners Mailing Lists

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April 30, 2018
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May 18, 2018
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Growing Your Business with Motorcycle Owners Mailing Lists

Market studies show shifts in the motorcycle industry over the past few decades. These changes mean that finding these customers is now more difficult. Companies who specialize in products or services related to motorcycles aren’t able to track down new customers as easily. Thankfully, Mailing List Connection has a better way. We can help you reach these motorcycle owners using our motorcycle owners mailing lists. Connecting with these individuals is a sure-fire way to boost your business.

Today’s motorcycles are powerful, beautiful machines. Several makes and models are on the market to fit the many different preferences of motorcycle owners. When someone thinks of a motorcycle, often Harley-Davidson comes to mind, and rightly so. This giant in the motorcycle industry has a significant number of loyal customers. Following Harley-Davidson in the market are Honda Motors, Yamaha, and Polaris motorcycles.

When the recession hit about a decade ago, motorcycle sales sharply declined. Thankfully, we’re now seeing a climbing recovery in the industry. This is thanks to the fact that people are now growing more comfortable with the ever changing economy. Most motorcycles are purchased in California with its high population, great weather, and dense traffic. Other popular motorcycle states include Florida and Texas, but the most motorcycles per capita actually live in Wyoming where there are seven motorcycle owners out of every 100 people.

How Motorcycle Owners Mailing Lists Help

Advertising is an important aspect of any business. Changing demographics in an industry often make it more difficult for your company to reach its target customers. This is where the motorcycle owners mailing lists come in.

Historically, companies would advertise based on what they knew about their customer base. For example, most motorcycle owners were men. These days, more and more women are purchasing motorcycles for themselves. Creating advertisements geared toward men isn’t always enough anymore. In order to stay on top of the market, you must advertise to all motorcycle fans. The tricky part is learning who they are.

The same goes for age. A few decades ago, younger people were purchasing motorcycles frequently. Now, very few individuals under the age of 25 are purchasing motorcycles. As a result, the median age of the typical motorcycle owner has risen to around 50 years of age.

Motorcycle owners mailing lists take the guesswork out of contacting your future customers. They do this because they provide a list of names and addresses of individuals who match the criteria you specify. If you’re looking to reach all motorcycle owners within a three-hundred mile radius, we can give you their names and contact info. You can then offer your products or services directly to these individuals. Imagine the time and money you’ll save! Gone are the days where you throw money at your advertising budget in hopes it will hit its mark. This targeted approach is more cost and time effective than any other method.

Other Surprising Motorcycle Demographics

What once was an affordable form of transportation is now becoming a wealthy pursuit. We see evidence of this as the median income of motorcycle owners continues to increase. However, these individuals also tend to spend more on their motorcycles as well as maintenance, apparel, and accessories. They value their motorcycles and have the money to spend on them to keep them in pristine condition.

Most of these motorcycle owners earn upwards of $50,000 per year and are college educated. An impressive 85 percent of motorcycle owners are either employed or retired. Around 75 percent of motorcycles are on-highway bikes as opposed to off-road bikes.

The Benefits Using of Motorcycle Owners Mailing Lists

If your company is in the business of motorcycles somehow, then these motorcycle owners mailing lists are invaluable. They provide a direct link to your future customers using a calculated and targeted approach. Not only do you know exactly who you’re reaching, but you can rest assured that these customers are more likely to purchase the products and services you offer. The benefits of this form of advertising spread beyond those of just your company. Consumers also prefer targeted advertising because then they receive advertisements relevant to their lifestyle.

Motorcycle owners mailing lists are very versatile and can help a number of businesses. For example, if you sell motorcycle insurance you can use these motorcycle owners mailing lists to reach out to individuals who own motorcycles. If your company sells aftermarket parts specifically for certain styles of motorcycles, you can target people who own that type of motorcycle.

You can even use what you already know about your customers. For instance, let’s say your motorcycle accessory company knows that certain accessories appeal to people who own a specific model of motorcycle. Likewise, other accessories appeal to individuals owning a different model. You can create two advertising campaigns customized to each group, advertising the products they tend to choose.

Getting Motorcycle Owners Mailing Lists

A mailing list is only as good as the company that backs it. Far too many companies are willing to sell outdated information in an effort to make a few bucks. Not us. Here at Mailing List Connection we’re dedicated to providing you with only the most relevant information. We update our database regularly because people move, sell or buy their motorcycles, and sometimes they even opt out of advertising. We account for all of this and more with our information.

Our database is updated regularly to provide you with the most current information out there. Our accuracy rate is over 97 percent and we take pride in what we do. We even make sure that our information is in full compliance with all state and federal laws.

A list of potential customers is an incredible and easy way to expand your customer base. The professional staff at Mailing List Connection is standing by to help you get the targeted list you need. We can even help you understand how to maximize your return while getting the best printing and shipping rates.

Call Mailing List Connection today at (469) 549-4000 for more information on getting and using our motorcycle owners mailing lists.

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