Mailing List Connection can supply you with mailing lists from any of our three unique databases that target Apartment Dwellers & Home Renters.

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Apartment Dwellers and Home Renters

These Apartment Dwellers and Home Renters are available for direct mailing and are searchable by many different selections. With over 250 million people in over 109 million households your campaign can always be fresh and accurate to help your marketing needs.

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Apartment Dweller Counts

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Home Renter Counts

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Compilation Methods

Specific Apartment Dwellers or Home Renters List

With over 90,000 individual Apartment Complexes throughout the country we can incorporate your selection by specific apartment complex and by monthly rental amount for any Single Family Housing Subdivision or Mobile Home Community in the USA as well. These Addresses will all be deliverable & updated with the most recent NCOA Database from the USPS.

Pricing: The Apartment Complex Database pricing starts at $50.00 for all of the addresses in any 1 Complex, $200.00 for any 5 Complexes & $350.00 for any 10 Complexes. Please inquire with respect to volume discounts.

Selection by Age, Income, Presence of Children, Marital Status, Gender, Length of Residency & Dwelling Type

With our Renters Database, you can select multiple types at no additional charge when pinpointing your target audience. Over 3.5 million Apartment Renters and Home Renters in the USA with DNC (Do Not Call) Scrubbed Phone Numbers you can target those renters and literally hundreds of other selections that are available. The Renters Database is updated monthly through NCOA & is created & updated with census data, credit bureau, and numerous proprietary compilation methods.

Pricing: Lists start at any 1000 Names & Addresses for $90.00, any 5000 Names & Addresses for $300.00, any 10,000 Names & Addresses for $500.00 or any 20,000 for $800.00. If needing Phone Numbers add 1¢ apiece for records that have phones to the above prices. Please inquire with respect to volume discounts.

Selection by Zip Code, Carrier Route or Area Radius

You want to target certain zip codes, carrier routes, or have an area radius in mind with the USPS Occupant Database? The database is CASS Certified & run through NCOA monthly to ensure that you are mailing to Occupied Apartment Addresses only. We can select many other selections to meet your needs, please inquire about those selections. This Database contains over 30 million Occupied Apartment Addresses & increases in volume every month as new Apartment Complexes are added to the file.

Pricing: We can offer any 1000 Apartment Addresses for 9¢ each, any 5000 for 4¢ each, any 10,000 for 3.5¢ each, or any 20,000 for 3¢ each. Please inquire with respect to volume discounts.

Specific Target

Do you want to target by specific ethnic background or specific families in your area? We can do that as well. Please check out our pricing for ethnic mailing lists and family mailings list. Please inquire with respect with discounts.

Printing & Mailing

Please visit our sister company’s Print & Mail Services page for further information regarding Apartment Dwellers & Home Renters Post Card printing and mailing.

These Apartment Dweller & Home Renter Lists will be electronically delivered to you in Excel or any format needed. If you need Peel & Stick Labels printed for any of our Lists, please add $10.00 per 1,000 to the above listed prices.