Insurance & Mortgage Lists for Targeted Direct Marketing

Insurance & Mortgage Lists are a great way for businesses to reach out to people who need their unique products and services.

Mailing List Connection offers companies the ability to reach new homeowners and existing mortgage holders. The ability to reach your target customers helps save your company money on advertising. Targeting specific customers also increases your conversion rate and return on investment. Our expert staff can help you generate new business by specifically targeting those who need your products and services the most.

Homeowner X-Date Lists

Mailing List Connection offers nearly 70 million homeowner data files. The data is compiled on a weekly and monthly basis. This information can easily be filtered to match your needs. This allows us to create a list of new homeowners and homeowners who are approaching the anniversary of their home purchase.

We have the ability to break down the data even further into the following categories:

These criteria can be used to hone in on your target customers. Insurance & Mortgage Lists are great for new companies who need to build clientele as well as existing companies looking to boost business. We can provide additional addresses and phone numbers on a monthly basis or an as-needed basis with no mandatory subscription.

DataMasters also has a database of over 4.3 million email addresses and purchase dates. We can provide these leads to companies who prefer to advertise through email rather than the mail or phone.

Mortgage Database Leads

DataMasters can provide your company with the most accurate and comprehensive database available for all of your marketing needs. Our mortgage database leads are updated monthly with new purchases as well as refinance information. We combine the information we receive from over 800 counties with current credit bureau information. This creates the most complete and accurate list available. This information can help mortgage companies and loan officers reach out to homeowners who:

We also provide the option to narrow the list based upon a specific lender name. This allows mortgage companies and loan officers reach individuals who have a mortgage with a specific lender. As an added bonus, we also incorporate standard consumer data elements into our database.

The information we obtain from county courthouses includes:

We also receive information from credit bureaus including:

County tax offices also provide us with the following information about the property itself:

Mortgage Protection Data List

Our Mortgage Data File that is designed specifically for Mortgage Protection Offers can provide you with the following data fields:

The Mortgage Protection Offers list can help your company target your desired customers to offer mortgage protection.

Private Party Lender Lists

DataMasters can also help you reach customers that did not finance their homes through traditional lending institutions. This is beneficial if you want to reach buyers that were previously unable to qualify for a mortgage. We can offer information on nearly 4 million holders who used private party lenders or seller carry back notes. This information also includes phone numbers and addresses.

This information allows investors to target potential refinancing prospects to purchase their loan. We can supply records including data such as:

Loan Origination Date
Property Type
Loan Amount
Loan to Value

Using Insurance & Mortgages Lists to Benefit Your Company

The experts at DataMasters will provide you with high-quality information that can greatly increase your business. The ability to reach customers that match your desired demographic is highly valuable. This saves your company money on advertising and increases your return on investment. It also allows you to choose who specifically you would like to advertise to.

You are able to target customers who are in need of what your company has to offer. Using a targeted list also allows you the ability to customize your advertisements to each client. You can personalize your correspondence with their specific information. This helps make your connection more personal and helps the customer feel important.

Mailing List Connection is able to help you compile the ultimate Insurance & Mortgage Lists. We also specialize in many other forms of data. Our lists are of the highest quality. Our professional staff is more than happy to help you utilize the data for maximum return. Reach out to us to find out exactly what options we have available to help you grow and improve your business.