Occupation Mailing Lists

Mailing List Connection Occupation Database

We offer the most extensive Occupation Database available, with over 31 Million individual Postal Records selectable by 84 separate Occupations all available for Direct Mailing.

We have Cell and Land Line Phone Numbers available for over 20 million of these Occupation Specific Leads, and Validated Email Addresses available for a little over 9 million. make great prospects for any marketing offer.

See Our: USA Occupation Postal Phone and Email Counts.

Data Sources and Compilation Methods:

The Occupation Database is derived from Multiple Public Sources, State Licensing Offices, Professional License Applications, Census Data, Online Directories, Regulatory Agencies, plus numerous self-reported and proprietary sources and is a great Database Source to target consumers based on their Occupation, Trade or Profession.

Occupation Data Applications:

An individual’s Occupation provides a great amount of insight on interests and activities, disposable income, and future purchase activity and is one of the best characteristics available when utilizing Direct Mail Marketing. Inferring interests from a job title is a valuable way to target magazine offers, packaged goods, clothing, automobile offers, Educational Services, Insurance Products, the applications are numerous.

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Additional Selections:

We can currently mix and match our Occupation Data with 125 Available Consumer attributes for Cross Selecting.


Our Occupation Data for Postal starts at 1000 Names and Addresses for 15 cents each 5000 for 9 cents each, any 10,000 for 7 cents each, any 20,000 for 6 cents each. Add 1 cent apiece additional for Land Line Phone Numbers either DNC or non-DNC. If Cell Phone Numbers are needed, Data pricing starts at 5000 Leads for 12 cents each. Additionally, if utilizing Cell Phone Numbers or Email Addresses, our Terms and Conditions have to be agreed to. “Please inquire for additional Pricing options and volume discounts.”

Data Delivery:

Data is delivered in via Email or FTP in Excel, ASCII or any format requested. A Word Label File will also be supplied at no additional cost. Printed Peel & Stick Labels will be supplied for an additional $10.00 Per Thousand. A Telemarketing Printout can also be supplied for an additional $10.00 per thousand.