Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is the business of selling products or services directly to the public. This can be done using direct mail marketing, mail order, email marketing, telephone calls, text messages (SMS), websites, online adverts, database marketing, flyers, catalogs, promotional letters and other methods that target your audience directly. Direct marketing is also known as direct response marketing.

Typically direct marketing refers to the selling of products or services without the use of a storefront. Essentially, direct to the customer. However, many businesses use direct marketing to reach their target market even if they do have a storefront.

Customer Data is the Focus of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing focuses on the customer using data and analytics from testing. Many direct marketing campaigns use analytics to track and measure results for better performance. In many cases, direct marketers will use two methods or messages simultaneously to see which performs better. This is also known as split testing. No matter the method or the message, direct marketing only works when the marketer has a high-quality, targeted list.

Direct Marketing Lists

High-quality lists are comprised of names of businesses or consumers with other relevant information, such as address, contact number, behavioral data (business history or purchase habits for example) and other demographics. Direct marketing campaigns work better when the list is targeted to a specific demographic so the message can be crafted carefully to get a response. For example, sending an offer for a pet product would not work if you sent it to consumers who do not own a pet. Knowing key things about your ideal or best customer is important. All types and sizes of businesses use direct marketing campaigns.

Types of Lists

Mailing Lists - typically a mailing list consists of a business or consumer name and their mailing address. A good list should return a high deliver-ability rate. Meaning, the addresses purchased should be up to date and good, so very few mail pieces are returned.

Email Lists - Email lists are of course lists of email addresses belonging to businesses or consumers that meet the target geographic and/or demographic market. Like mailing lists, email lists should have a high rate of deliver-ability.

Phone Lists - Phone lists are comprised of phone numbers, often as an addendum to mailing lists. Having both a phone list and mailing list ensures you can send out an original campaign and follow-up with the prospect.

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