Senior Citizen Mailing List

Senior Citizen Marketing Data

Senior Data Details:The Mailing List Connection offers over 47.3 MillionSenior Citizen Names & Addressesfor Direct Mailing in 34.5 Million Households. Of the 47.3 Million Senior Names & Addresses, we have 9.2 Million deliverable Email Addresses. In addition to the Postal and Email Information, we have Land Line Telephone Numbers for 18.6 Million of the Senior Households and 4.3 Million of these Phone Numbers are not on the DNC Database, while another 14.3 Million are on the DNC Database . In addition to the Land Line Telephone Numbers, we have Cell Phone Numbers for 35.5 Million Senior Citizens . “ Disclaimer for cell phones”

Senior Data Compilation Methods:

The Senior Data is compiled from hundreds of Data Sources. Census information, Post Offices NOCA Information, Credit Bureau Information, Deceased Persons Information from Social Security Records + many more proprietary Databases are incorporated into the Compilation of our Senior Data.

Senior Data Update Methods:

vThe various Senior Databases that we offer are updated using several different methods. Primarily we NCOA the Database monthly with changes of address from the USPS. The Database is also updated quarterly with deceased information from the Social Security Administration. In addition Credit Bureau Profiles and multiple proprietary Data Sources are utilized to clean and enhance the Senior Data, making the Senior Information we offer as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Successful Offers:

The Mailing List Connection Senior Citizen Marketing Information has been successfully utilized by of our customers for years and is applicable for many products and services. Below are just a few of the most common users of our Senior Data.

Senior Health Care Facilities
Medicare Supplement Offers
Alternative Healthcare facilities for Seniors
Assisted Living facilities for Elderly People
Retirement Planning Offers
Reverse Mortgage Offers
Medical Alert Device Offers
Vacation, Cruise and Travel offers
Casino and Gambling Offers
Vision Centers
Medical Treatment for the Elderly
Hearing Aid centers
RV Dealerships
Pharmaceutical Offers

Popular Cross Selections:

Our Senior Data can be more narrowly defined by hundreds of selections: Ailment Type, Medications used, Ages, Income, Gender, Marital Status, Homeowner vs Renter, Ethnicity, Primary Languages, Seniors that own a Second Home, Month & Year of Birth, Credit Card Holders, Net Worth, Active Investors, just to name a few, and the Seniors can be contacted through Direct Mail, Land Line Phone either DNC or non DNC, Cell Phone Numbers, as well as by Email Contacts.

Senior Data Pricing:

We can offer any 1000 seniors with Names & Addresses for direct mail for 11 cents each, on up to any 100,000 for direct mail for 3 cents each or any 1 Million for 1 cent each. For seniors with Email, we can supply any 5000 for 12 cents each or any 100,000 for 5 cents each “all emails are deliverability tested”. The Senior Data with Land Line Telephone Numbers starts at any 1000 for 12 cents each on up to any 100,000 for 3.5 cents each or any 1 million for 1.5 cents each. Finally for seniors with Cell Phone Numbers, we can supply any 5000 for 12 cents each or any 100,000 for 6 cents each. (Our Senior Data Products are all available for Volume Discounts, please inquire with any questions.)

Data Delivery:

Data is delivered in via Email or FTP in Excel, ASCII or any format requested. A Word Label File will also be supplied at no additional cost. Printed Peel & Stick Labels will be supplied for an additional $10.00 Per Thousand. A Telemarketing Printout can also be supplied for an additional $10.00 per thousand.