Business Mailing Lists

Reach millions of businesses using our most comprehensive and accurate mailing lists.

Compilation Method - Mailing List Connection

Our Compilation Methods

Our Business Mailing List is compiled from over 5,000 sources and further verified by 20 million telephone verification calls annually. The data is gathered from multiple sources and telephone-verify the information so you get nothing but the best, most accurate information for your Business Mailing List.

Update Method - Mailing List Connection

Our Update Methods

Every month approximately one million businesses change within the database. From one year to the next, 70% of the businesses within the database have a significant amount of change.

Value of our data - Mailing List Connection

Value of Our Data

We can include nearly every single business, no matter how small, how large, or how newly established. The value of our data lies in the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the data.


Type Price
Base $80/M
Phones $20/M
Contact Name $20/M
Sales Volume $15/M
Employee Size $15/M
Fax #’s 100% $50/M
Fax #’s (where available) $15/M
By SIC Code $25/M
Peel & Stick Labels $8/M
Output on CD NC

($200.00 Minimum Order)

Discounts on volume orders, please inquire.
Peel and Stick Labels are $10.00 per thousand extra.