Commercial Property Owner Lists

Commercial Property Owner Lists

Mailing List Connection now offers a County Tax Assessor based National Commercial Property Database.

We offer:

Over 13 million Individual Commercial Properties
Almost 7 million Individual Commercial Property Owners throughout the U.S.A.
Over 148,000 Apartment Complexes in the USA, all with 10+ units
Over 3 million active Commercial Loans

Why buy from Mailing List Connection for your Commercial Property Owner lists?

We now offer a County Tax Assessor based National Commercial Property Database with a little over 13 million individual commercial properties.

The Property Records all have the Site Postal Information as well as the Property Owners Mailing Information. Details such as these various Property Characteristics are available and searchable if we have the details available. Not all County Taxing Districts offer the same uniform property details, so the inquiries need to be done on a case by case basis.

Compilation Methods and Sources

Our Commercial Data is compiled at the county level from County Tax Assessor’s and County Appraisal Districts and is updated with annual and semi-annual database updates from the 3,143 U.S.A. counties, parishes, boroughs and census areas.

Commercial Property Data Users

Commercial Real Estate Professionals
Any company that offers products or services to building owners, such as:
   Janitorial Services

Data Elements Available

See our available breakdown of the available 121 Commercial Property Data Segments available for output.

What do we offer?

Property Owner Counts

We have almost 7 million individual commercial property owners throughout the U.S.A. owning a total of 13 million properties in 767 different building types or property classifications.

Please contact us for specific data counts.

Apartment Complex Owners

We have available 148,545 apartment complexes in the U.S.A., all with 10+ units. Of the 148,545 complexes we have, 72,375 individual apartment complex owners with the complex owners full mailing information.

Commercial Loan Data

We currently have available over 3 million active commercial loans, all with original loan amount and the current loan date range. These commercial loan data elements are all selectable and available for output.

Pricing for Commercial Property Owner Data

Type Quantity Price
Commercial Property Owners data 1,000 $0.20 each
Commercial Property Owners data 5,000 $0.12 each
Add Email Address $0.06 each, additional
Add Phone Numbers $0.02 each, additional

Volume discounts are available, please inquire.