Reach Local Customers Using Mailing Lists by Neighborhood

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April 23, 2018
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Reach Local Customers Using Mailing Lists by Neighborhood

Reaching local customers can be a challenge, especially for small businesses with smaller advertising budgets. Television, radio, newspaper, and billboard ads are costly and often provide little return for small, local businesses. In fact, their results are often lacking for major businesses, too. Thankfully, there’s a better way. With the help of Mailing List Connection, companies are advertising directly to the consumers who are more likely to choose their business. This is done through targeted direct marketing using mailing lists. When attempting to reach local customers, mailing lists by neighborhood are one of the most effective options.

Targeted direct marketing means reaching people who are more likely to invest their money in your products or services. This means your advertising dollar goes further, which is important for any business. Since you’re reaching people who already are more likely to have interest in what your company offers, you’ll likely see a better return on investment as well. There are a number of ways to market using mailing lists and the professionals at Mailing List Connection are experts in the field.

What are Mailing Lists by Neighborhood?

To understand what a mailing list is, we must first understand how it’s built and where the information originates. Companies like Mailing List Connection gather important data from a number of reliable sources. We then compile this information into a database. The database is sortable by a number of fields in order to generate the requested mailing lists. For example, if you’re wanting to reach local customers, we can provide a list housing the name and contact information for all customers within a particular neighborhood. We also offer the option of mailing lists by state, area code, and zip code.

Advertising in set neighborhoods is great for marketing. However, what happens if not everyone in that specific neighborhood is your target customer? That’s where we come in. Let’s say your business is a bank and you want to help parents start savings accounts for their children using your new product for children’s savings accounts. To fully utilize this feature, the best thing you can do is advertise to parents around your bank. To do this, we begin by selecting the neighborhoods you’d like to focus on. We then add the child filter to narrow the residents down to those individuals or families with children present.

Now, instead of advertising to everyone in the neighborhood regardless as to if they have children, you know you’re reaching parents. Not only are you saving money by not advertising to people who won’t be interested in your particular service, but you’re getting a better return by advertising to those who are.

Advertising Using Mailing Lists by Neighborhood

Since you know exactly who you’re targeting using your mailing lists by neighborhood, you’re in the driver’s seat. Understanding your target customer is important and powerful. You’re now able to customize an advertisement focusing on the product or service you’re advertising.

In our example, we’re advertising your child savings account services. You may want to create an advertisement that shows a proud parent standing by as their smiling child deposits money into their very own savings account. That eye-catching image grabs the attention of your target customer and encourages them to take a better look. Parents will then examine the rest of the advertisement more closely. This is where you’d add more information about the product or service you’re advertising. However, be mindful that you don’t overwhelm the consumer with information. You want to show them how easy and simple it is to get the product or service they want or need.

Many companies also choose to add a promotional offer. The great thing about these types of offers is that, not only are you getting new customers, but the offer itself is a tracking tool. By having the customer bring in the advertisement or providing them with a coupon or special code, you have another method to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Additional Mailing Lists by Neighborhood

Mailing lists by neighborhood can really give your business a boost. However, there are companies out there that appeal to a large variety of customers. When this happens, you have a few choices. You can either attempt to create an advertisement appealing to all potential customers, or you can use multiple mailing lists by neighborhood.

Using multiple lists allows you the ability to create an advertisement specific to each group of individuals. You may have a great advertisement for children’s savings accounts, but what about your other products and services? Maybe you have an estate planning service you offer to members. It might be a good idea to advertise this service separately to those individuals over a certain age. These customers are more likely to be in the right mindset when it comes to handling their estate after they’re gone.

We can create as many mailing lists as you need. With this form of advertising, you’re in the driver seat. You decide who you want to target and what you want to focus on. The choice is yours when it comes to advertising to a narrow or wide group of potential customers. Mailing List Connection handles the data side of things so you can focus on bringing new customers into your business.

All of our data is acquired in accordance with state and federal laws. We scrub our information regularly to ensure its accuracy. We also are constantly adding new data to ensure you’re always getting the most current information. Our data specialists will even help you get the best pricing on the printing and delivery of your advertisements.

When it comes to mailing lists by neighborhood, the choice is clear:

Call Mailing List Connection today at (469) 549-4000 for more information on how to get started with mailing lists by neighborhood.

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