How to Find Motorcycle Owners to Expand Your Customer Base

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May 18, 2018
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May 31, 2018
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How to Find Motorcycle Owners to Expand Your Customer Base

We’ve seen a number of changes in consumer demographics over the past few years. Market analysts say that this is likely due to a number of factors. The first being the economic downturn we faced around ten years ago. Additional changes could be dependent on baby boomers as they become senior citizens and shed many of their material possessions. The millennial generation also is shaking up demographics as they pave their own way through the marketplace. All of these things combine to make it more difficult for business owners to reach their ideal customers because they no longer know who they are or how to connect to them. For instance, if your company specializes in products or services that appeal to motorcycle owners you may wonder how to find motorcycle owners and introduce them to your company.

The motorcycle market is one of many which has taken longer to recover after the recession. However, it is gradually making a comeback, though these new motorcycle owners vary from those who traditionally own motorcycles. This can be problematic for companies who are trying to reach them as they no longer fit the typical profile. Thankfully, hope is within reach. Data management companies such as Mailing List Connection understand this issue and found a work-around. Now companies can easily and affordably reach the customers they need.

This new method of advertising is known as targeted direct marketing. It allows you to connect directly with the people who are more apt to purchase your products or services. You accomplish this using targeted mailing lists. These mailing lists provide you with the name and contact information of the customers you’re looking for. You’re then able to advertise to this group directly. This is a much more effective means of advertising when compared to traditional methods.

How to Find Motorcycle Owners and Grow Your Reach

Each targeted mailing list is tailor made to your specifications. Since needs vary from company to company, each mailing list is different. When creating the ultimate mailing list for your company you must first evaluate your goals. Think about what you want from the advertising campaign. Knowing how you want the potential customers to react is the first step in understanding which list will work best for you.

For instance, if you run a local insurance company and are interested in gaining more motorcycle clients, then it might make sense for you to limit your advertising campaign to local motorcycle owners. However, you don’t have to dig around and compile this list yourself. Mailing List Connection is standing by to help you create the best mailing list for your needs.

A good starting place is knowing your target area. This could be the city or cities surrounding your business locations. It may even include the state. Once you understand the area you’d like to target then we can focus on who to target. We can help you hone in on the people who meet your exact target profile. This includes individuals who own a specific type or brand of motorcycle. You can also select from average household income, age, and much more.

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Armed with your list of potential customers you’re ready to develop the ultimate advertisement. With a specific audience in mind, it’s easy to create an effective ad. Simply choose an appealing image for your target customers. Next, you’ll add interesting, attention-grabbing information ending with a call to action.

The call to action helps your future customer know what to do next. You can either instruct them to call, visit your website, or visit your physical business. This circles back around to what you chose as goals. There are many different ways you can bring customers to your company.

Occasionally, companies will ask to order multiple lists. This is particularly handy for companies that offer a variety of services or products to a wide customer base. For example, if your company sells tires for on-highway and off-road motorcycles then you may want to create two mailing lists. You can then focus your advertisement on the benefits of the products most relevant to them.

While there is some crossover between the two groups, many people tend to own one or the other when it comes to motorcycles. Targeting each group individually ensures you hit your advertising mark. Trying to combine them into one advertisement may cause the ad to miss the mark and you could lose valuable customers. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a plethora of new customers because you tried to please everyone together with the same ad.

Mailing List Connection Can Help

The data on your mailing list only helps your company if it’s well put together and accurate. Mailing List Connection understands the importance of up-to-date and relevant information. We have a very high accuracy rate because we update our database regularly. This allows us to account for anyone who may buy or sell their motorcycle.

In addition to having the most current information available, we also follow every related law. There are many state and federal laws when it comes to the collection and distribution of information. We ensure that we comply with each and every law to protect not only ourselves, but you and your future customers as well.

Our representatives are standing by to ensure you get started on the best path for you. We will guide you through the process and answer all questions that may arise. Our team also has a number of advertisement templates for you to choose from if you’re not comfortable designing your own. We also help you get a great deal on the associated postage.

The days of wondering how to find motorcycle owners are gone. Now, a targeted mailing list is all you need to expand your customer base. Give Mailing List Connection a call today to discuss your options.

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