What type of mailing list do I need?

What type of mailing list do I need?

Direct mail delivers targeted advertising or solicitation using mailing lists and email or phone lists to reach a target demographic. Datamasters.org can supply a laser-targeted list that will reach your exact market. Here are the various types of lists you may want to consider:

mailing-list-typesDirect Mail & Mailing Lists (Postal Lists)

View target prospects and select advanced demographics to build your consumer mailing list easily and accurately. Select your geographic territory via a map interface or standard selections such as zip codes, counties, cities, etc. View more information…

Email Lists & Marketing

Find just the right email list targeted to virtually any business or consumer segment. With tons of email lists out there (and not all of them are reputable), we can help you identify the right email lists for your campaign. Submit your email list criteria and we’ll find the perfect list for you.

Phone Lists

Getting access to targeted phone lists can be an essential way to market your product or service. Like mailing lists, phone lists can be targeted to match your ideal market. Every phone number on our lists complies with the Do Not Call laws.