Targeting Classic Car Owners Using Mailing Lists

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March 3, 2018
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Targeting Classic Car Owners Using Mailing Lists

When you’re trying to market to classic car owners, finding them is half the battle. While you could search the internet for classic car clubs or groups, that takes time that can be better utilized in the marketing atmosphere. Instead, having a database of individuals who own classic cars in your hands is much more beneficial. At Mailing List Connection, we have that database available to you as well as the contact information to reach car owners. Before you can market to these potential customers you need to know a little bit about them.

Who owns classic cars?

While there are certainly exceptions to every rule, you will find some common traits among classic car owners. They already have one thing in common…the fact that they love classic cars. But, here’s a look at some other things that many classic car owners also share:

  • Many are baby boomers (born between 1946-1964)
  • The median age of a classic car owner is 56
  • 97% are male
  • Most own their own home
  • Most have income over $100,000/year

Another thing to note is the fact that many baby boomers are handing their classic cars down to family members as they get older. Also, most classic cars owners have American made cars versus European models. This is an important factor to consider when creating your marketing campaign.

Understanding the needs of classic car owners

Many businesses that specialize in car parts and maintenance can know that classic car owners will eventually be looking for their services down the road. For these businesses, having a database of car owners they can target is key because the work of finding the owners is already done.

The needs of classic car owners differ from those of the average car owner. Take a look at some common issues classic car owners face and how your business may be able to help.

  • Need for classic car parts. If you own a modern day car you can simply go to the dealer and have a part on the spot or in a day or two. The same cannot be said for classic car owners. When they need a part they may need to search extensively to find a dealer of vintage parts. Knowing where they can before a problem arises results in quicker service which is valuable.
  • Keeping classic cars safe. Many classic cars are not outfitted with air bags and other safety features of modern day cars. That’s why it’s even more important that classic car owners keep up with their car’s maintenance. Many classic car owners will be in the market for a mechanic they can trust that knows the ins and outs of classic cars.
  • Need for higher octane fuel. If you are in the fuel business it’s important to know that classic car owners may be in need of higher octane fuel. Some classic cars just don’t perform well on low octane fuel. Knowing this can help you market to classic car owners.

Using our Database

Knowing the needs of classic car owners can help you tailor your marketing strategy. Mailing List Connection has nearly 185 million car owner addresses as well as the email addresses of nearly 90 million car owners. Use our database to filter through to find classic car owners and target them directly. It’s more efficient to do this then to send out fliers or emails to random car owners, hoping that a few of them are classic car owners that need your services.

Once you have a select group of potential customers, it’s time to get their attention. Showing them images of classic cars is one sure way. You know they’ll be interested and from there you can give information on the services you provide.

If you are in a business that caters to classic car owners you should already know what excites them. Use this to your advantage when developing a marketing strategy. The time you don’t need to spend finding classic car owners can be spent creating mailings and emails that can get you more business.

At Mailing List Connection, we know your time is valuable and that is why we keep our databases updated with information on car owners to better serve you. Finding classic car owners and marketing to them is easier when you use Mailing List Connection.

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