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April 16, 2018
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Direct Mail Marketing using Mailing Lists by State

Small local businesses are thriving in today’s economy. They’re also expanding. Many local business owners are in a position to open additional locations across their state. Some are even venturing into the surrounding states. It’s an extremely exciting time to own a business. When polled, many people prefer to support small business but they often don’t know about many of the small, local businesses in their area. Now there’s a way to reach these customers in all states where you do business. Direct mail marketing using mailing lists by state is an effective and affordable marketing method that’s putting small businesses on the map.

Customers are the bread and butter of any business. It’s important to understand how to find and reach these customers in order to have a successful business. The world is full of potential customers and Mailing List Connection is here to help. We assist business owners in bridging the gap between their company and future customers. This is done primarily through targeted direct mail marketing. You provide us with a target customer profile and we provide you with a list of similar customers. After that, you begin to reach out to these customers with a well-designed advertisement. The best part is that Mailing List Connection is here to walk you through each step of the process.

Creating Mailing Lists by State

A well-built, well-defined mailing list is a major asset for all businesses. These lists assist you in expanding your customer base. The idea behind them is to reach customers who are already interested in what your business has to offer. This method means you spend less money advertising in people who have no interest in your products and services. You also tend to see a better return on investment with those potential customers you do reach. This type of advertising is increasing in popularity with small businesses that have to pay close attention to their budget. Every dollar matters and they want to ensure they’re advertising wisely.

This method of advertising is referred to as targeted direct marketing. Targeted, because you’re targeting who you’d like to reach; and direct, because you’re advertising to these individuals directly rather than through indirect methods. We help you create the ultimate mailing lists by state by narrowing down our databank to meet your needs. The databank contains the names and contact information of millions of customers. Of course, not all of these customers are going to be interested in your company for various reasons. Some may be out of range while others just don’t have a need for your products or services. The idea behind this method is to weed out those who are less likely to have interest in your company. You’re then free to advertise to those remaining individuals.

We’ll begin by focusing on the states where your company does business, and then we can add additional filters. These filters help hone in on your target customers to find those who are much more likely to want your products and services.

Using Mailing Lists by State to Find Your Customers

Local businesses benefit from using our mailing lists by state, city, or zip code. This is an extremely important factor for those who operate in a specific geographic location or locations. There’s not much point in advertising to east coasters when your company operates on the west coast. Once your geographic area is set, then the real fun begins.

Your current customer’s demographic information is a great place to start. Analyzing this data allows you to see the type of people your company already attracts. You can base your target customer profile on their shared information or you can brainstorm a new target customer profile to attract new and different customers. Some of the filters you’re able to choose from include things such as age, gender, household income, renters vs. homeowners, families with children, hobbies, and much more. Think about what your business offers and who it can help the most when creating your target customer profile. We even offer the option to target customers by purchase behavior such as the type of car they drive, luxuries they own (boats, RVs, etc), and more.

Once you have your list, you then select how you’d like to reach them. Most of our data includes the mailing address of these individuals. However, we also offer options to include phone contact or email address information. This provides you with some flexibility on how you’d like to reach out to these future customers. Each of these options has benefits and disadvantages so think about what type of marketing campaign you’d like to run and which your potential customers will respond to the best. The most popular and effective option tends to be direct mail marketing, or reaching out through their mailing address.

Getting the Most out of your Mailing Lists by State

One of the biggest perks of direct mail marketing using targeted mailing lists is the freedom. You know what type of customers you’re reaching. This means you can create an advertisement that appeals directly to these individuals. Use appealing images and advertising copy to get your message across in a beautiful and efficient way. For example, if you’re trying to appeal to individuals who own RVs then perhaps you should show an image of the best model on your lot. This will likely catch their attention and they’ll be far more likely to read your ad copy.

Companies that offer a wide variety of products and services that appeal to a large number of people may consider requesting more than one list. For example, if your business is a dental practice that serves patients of all ages, you may want a list for senior citizens and one for parents of younger children. Then you can create two advertisements, one featuring a senior citizen model that covers services for that age group. The other may show a picture of a smiling child and detail your practice’s pediatric services.

No matter what you decide, Mailing List Connection is here to help you on your advertising journey. We offer high-quality data and top-of-the-line data experts to walk you through the process. Everything we do is in full compliance of all state and federal laws. Your company’s success is our priority, so give us a call today to get started.

Call Mailing List Connection today at (469) 549-4000 for more information on getting mailing lists by state.

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