Direct Mail vs EDDM Similarities, Differences and Choosing the Best for Your Company

Direct mail vs EDDM is a decision that many business owners face when deciding how they would like to advertise. Both options offer benefits and limitations for the company. The best place to start when making a decision about using direct mail or EDDM is learning the ins and outs of both options.

The professional team at DataMasters wants to help your company with their advertising needs. We have a lot of experience in working with both direct mail and EDDM techniques. Let our experience help guide you to the option that is going to be best for your company.

Direct Mail vs EDDM Basics

Direct mail is a marketing method that sends advertisements through the mail to a list of specific potential customers. This list is usually based on specific factors such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Profession
  • Buying Patterns
  • Income
  • Education
  • And much more…

The company advertising using direct mail must supply a list of mailing addresses for the target customers they wish to reach. These lists are typically acquired from companies like DataMasters. Our company houses a massive consumer database. This list can be filtered to the specific demographic that your company wishes to reach.

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is also a method of marketing through the mail. Like direct mail, EDDM sends advertisements directly to potential customers. However, EDDM does not require a list of addresses. This service is offered by the United States Postal Service. It allows the mailing of advertisements to customers based upon postal routes. To use EDDM services you would need to:

  • Create an advertisement that meets USPS guidelines
  • Choose which mailing routes you wish to include
  • Print enough advertisements for each mailbox on the routes

Instead of delivering to specific addresses, USPS mail carriers will deliver an advertisement to each mailbox on the route.

Benefits of Direct Mail vs EDDM

Each of these marketing options has their own unique benefits. When reviewing the benefits think about what each option can offer for your business. Choosing the best service for your company can make a big difference with your advertising budget and your marketing reach.

EDDM Benefits

EDDM is a great option for companies who don’t have access to a targeted mailing list. Companies who use this feature tend to dedicate more time to designing the best postcard. The USPS has strict requirements on what mail pieces can be used for EDDM services. By limiting the type of advertisements sent out, they can keep costs lower for customers.

The USPS has an EDDM application which groups mailboxes into routes. When considering which routes to advertise to, you are able to see a breakdown of residential mailboxes versus business mailboxes. This will help you decide which routes will be the most beneficial depending on your product or service. EDDM services also allow businesses to advertise to specific areas. Every mailbox in the designated area will receive your advertisement.

Overall, the benefits of EDDM services include:

  • Limitations on mail pieces keeps costs down
  • Entire neighborhoods can be canvased
  • No mailing list required
  • Easy to use

Direct Mail Benefits

While EDDM offers total coverage for selected postal routes, many companies prefer direct mail. This is due to the special targeting ability achieved with mailing lists. Companies that offer a product or service often have an idea of who is their best target customer. Using mailing lists, you can send your advertisements directly to these people. The added level of control over who receives your advertisement leads to a higher conversion rate over your marketing campaign.

Advertisements can also be designed to appeal to the specific demographic that you are targeting. Perhaps your company offers multiple products or services. Or maybe your products or services appeal to different target customers in different ways. Mail pieces can also be personalized for each customer in the following ways:

  • Adding customer name
  • Featuring products they prefer
  • Color scheme preferences
  • Other personal customer information

Direct Mail vs EDDM Benefits

Companies that take the time to customize their advertisements for each customer show significantly better conversion rates. Most companies who utilize direct mail see a fare better return on their investment compared to EDDM options.

EDDM is great for companies who want a simple, but limited advertisement to cover a wide area. However, direct mail allows companies to take this method a step further. The customization helps them target specific customer traits. This can save money in the long run since advertisements won’t be sent to people who fall outside the selected demographic. For example, if your ad is specifically targeted towards senior citizens, then you wouldn’t want to waste money advertising to all age groups.

Again, consider what your company is expecting out of your mail campaign. Think about how the benefits of each option can benefit your business. If you prefer the option of canvasing entire routes regardless of whom the mailboxes belong to then choose EDDM. You can get started with EDDM services by using the online EDDM application offered by the USPS.

If you prefer a more narrowed and targeted approach to increase your return on your investment and conversion rate, choose direct mail. DataMasters can help you create a targeted mailing list to reach your ideal customers.

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